Learning How To Knit

We have been asked countless times to provide instructions on how to knit. By endless searching, we have finally found some that are comprehensive and ‘user friendly’ for anyone as young as 10 years of age! Please follow the easy-to-follow instructions from The Expert Village on Youtibe.com and you should be on your way soon!

If you would like to donate a scarf or a hat, please contact Alex at alex@stayabreast.co.uk or Shelton at shelton@stayabreast.co.uk.

How To Hold Your Needles:

How To Cast On:


How To Knit Stitch:
How To Purl Stitch:
How To Bind off:

5 Responses to Learning How To Knit

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  2. You’re spectacular! Just wanted to make your day better 🙂

  3. Jeane Atma says:

    Loving your blog. I wish i had a internet site and could write articles that will be informative but “to the point” as a lot as yours.

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