The First Pink Pom Pom Party

Mummy, Where Did The Bald Lady Go?

On the 29th of January 2011, we threw the very first Pink Pom Pom Project Neighborhood party at my house, 7 children attended with their mummies. There were pink cupcakes, pink balloons, and pink champagne and strawberries for our Mummies to enjoy!

It was a huge success, all of the children involved were so excited to be part of the very first party and also making pom poms, hats and scarves for people like me.

I introduced myself and told them about my diagnosis and the medicine I was taking called ‘Chemotherapy’. I also explained it makes me lose my hair and my head gets very cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! They seemed to love that as I pulled off my scarf to show them I had no hair at all! It was great fun, some even patted my head!

As we made our pom poms and discovered all together, pom poms can be sewn on anything and anywhere there is a place for them! We provided little hats for the girls to design as their own party favours and Lauren was soon named the next, up and coming Vivienne Westwood! And Vickie, below, shows off the next collection for Spring 2011!

There was a little boy named Jack whom I have known for almost 5 years referring to me always as ‘Shepherd and Carsen’s Mummy’. But at the party, after the scarf came off, I earned a more endearing name: The Bald Lady. It is now my own term of endearment, my badge of strength and courage!

Jack, almost 7 years old, was the only boy there that day, which in hindsight, was silly for me to assume this was just a ‘girl thing’ – he enjoyed making pom poms as much as we all did! Jack is my hero and my inspiration in finding ways to educate all of our youth on this terrible disease.

He often asks his mummy about The Bald Lady and when he can come back to make more pom poms. Jack knows we are filling up our Pink Pom Pom Party Calendars now and our next one will be in March! I’ll have him start the demonstrations, he’s been practicing!

Please sign up for your very own Pink Pom Pom Neighborhood Party Box – details to follow!


4 Responses to The First Pink Pom Pom Party

  1. Norka Saad says:

    Alex- you look fabulous darling!!!!!!!!!! Miss you tons xoxoxo

    • Sagar says:

      I love the color pink and proudly wear it in orppsut of Breast Cancer Warriors!My Mother-in-law had breast cancer resulting in a double mastectomy, she also had ovarian cancer, survived both for many years, but died of congestive heart failure 10 years ago still miss her.My dear friend of 30 years is a breast cancer survivor for almost 10 years (in January).Too many other family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors in my life have been diagnosed with this frightening disease~LETS PRAY FOR A CURE SOON!

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