WE WON!!!!! The Best Of The Gold Coast Award 2013

The Best of the Gold Coast Winner - Arts&Crafts 2013

The Best of the Gold Coast Winner – Arts&Crafts 2013

Holy Moly! We were nominated as The Pink Pom-Pom Project (PPPP) for The Best Of The Gold Coast Awards 2013 and WE WON in the Arts & Crafts category! This is for the entire state of Connecticut!!!!

We have had a very busy year this first year, I might add, teaching Cancer survivors from The CT Challenge’s Cancer Survivorship Center how to knit and crochet through our Stitch&Bitch sessions (click here to watch video) on Mondays and Thursdays. They are also one of many groups helping us create the V.O.T.Y. quilts which are trophies given to outstanding Volunteers in local cancer support centers. It stands for Volunteer of the Year.

Shortly after we opened in October 2012 we started working with The Girl Scouts of CT, ages 7 – 13 years, teaching the Troops how to make Lavendar Sachets for cancer victims. This has become our staple craft for everyone to learn. We educate children about the importance of eating right and how to use Lavender as a natural soother. We taught over 100 Girl Scouts, who then in return earned their PPPP Badges. We have made and donated well over 300 sachets to local hospitals and cancer support centers!

In March of this year, we started working with inner-city youth from The Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport teaching the importance of arts & crafts as a healthy and positive outlet for emotional relief. 80 children, ages 7 – 13 years, and counselors were bussed in to experience The PPPP space. It was a huge compliment, let alone, celebration of creativity and the children just loved coming!

Coming in September, we will be taking on The McGivney Community Center’s children as well, the sister center of The Cardinal Shehan Center, with an updated program involving arts & crafts, creative writing, and improvisational theatre. We will also be working on site with The Child & Family Guidance Center of Bridgeport, we are really looking forward to meeting their families in need!

Thank you Moffley Media for recognizing our little organization! This award means everything to us and shows that our hard work has not only paid off, but proved we are very much needed in the community! We plan to have an even better year starting in September by introducing more creative classes for children and mom’s at a little square.

On October 5th, we are hosting the very first ever Wiggle & Giggle Fundraising event at St Anthony’s of Padua church. Proceeds will go to support The PPPP and The CT Challenge’s Cancer Survivorship Center. It’s a Hoop-A-Thon of sorts with activities, food and fun for the whole family to enjoy! October 10th we are giving our very first VOTY quilt to the CT Challenge’s first outstanding volunteer.

Please spread the good word about our movement – it means so much to those who are already involved with The Pink Pom-Pom Project!

And remember to shop a little square, monies earned goes directly to support and provide FREE crafting materials and equipment for all of the organizations we are working with mentioned above.

Look at this way, it’s a modern version of the Charity Shop down the street. We just sell modern stuff for a cause!

About Alexandra Wallace Currie

A breast cancer survivor since October 2010 with loads to talk about and share! Founder of The Pink Pom-Pom Project - a crafting for cancer therapy initiative helping other victims, friends and family through treatment and diagnosis. Now based in Fairfield, CT, USA, The PPPP hosts monthly Stitch&Bitch events and Open Crafting classes to local community organisations. We hope to teach everyone that working with your hands is easy and anything is possible!
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3 Responses to WE WON!!!!! The Best Of The Gold Coast Award 2013

  1. Alexandra Malick says:

    Fabulous. Congratulations to all involved. Amazing the power of a good idea plus unmitigated endurance .

  2. Drborah says:

    We are so proud of you for making this happen. Love from London x

  3. diane outland says:

    congrats! you re amazing! diane

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