The Mighty Dragonfly!


Each day my son’s school publishes fun little facts about our planet, our Country, local stories about local restaurants, sports and events. Today’s main story was about the Mighty Dragonfly. I couldn’t help myself, so I have cut and paste the facts for your entertainment below. I must say, I am pretty impressed!

African lions roar and strut and act the apex carnivore, but they’re lucky to catch 25 percent of the prey they pursue. Great white sharks have 300 slashing teeth and that ominous soundtrack, and still nearly half their hunts fail.”- New York Times
What is the most efficient hunter? It is probably the dragon fly. Dragonflies manage to catch their prey in midair 95% of the time. They tear up the creature and mash it up. They can also eat a ton of food. One has been seen eating over 30 flies in a row. They can also fly when they are missing an entire wing. They have large eyes that cover their entire face and have 30,000 pixel-like facets.

The rest of the newsletter highlighted lunch too: Tomato soup, toasted chicken sub sandwiches, and fruit. YUMMY!

Have a great day little man!

About Alexandra Wallace Currie

A breast cancer survivor since October 2010 with loads to talk about and share! Founder of The Pink Pom-Pom Project - a crafting for cancer therapy initiative helping other victims, friends and family through treatment and diagnosis. Now based in Fairfield, CT, USA, The PPPP hosts monthly Stitch&Bitch events and Open Crafting classes to local community organisations. We hope to teach everyone that working with your hands is easy and anything is possible!
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2 Responses to The Mighty Dragonfly!

  1. deborah says:

    wow nature what a wonder x

  2. Ecky Malick says:


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