Mooooommm! Daddy’s Eating The Dog Food Again!

Jeff came home and grabbed a ‘nibble’ out of the refrigerator last night as he waited for me to come down for our regular Friday night dinner date.

‘Oh my god Alex, this is awesome, what’s in this stuff?’ he asked.

There are no words for what I was thinking at that moment. Should I tell him he’s just devoured the dog’s food? It’s a special blend of freshly cooked chicken, drippings, and dog food that expands when wet. I think he thought it was stuffing from the Thanksgiving dinner I never made!

‘Well….’ I said, ‘it’s a special blend of chicken mash for the puppies.’ I smirked with my shit-eating-grin.

The look on his face was priceless!

About Alexandra Wallace Currie

A breast cancer survivor since October 2010 with loads to talk about and share! Founder of The Pink Pom-Pom Project - a crafting for cancer therapy initiative helping other victims, friends and family through treatment and diagnosis. Now based in Fairfield, CT, USA, The PPPP hosts monthly Stitch&Bitch events and Open Crafting classes to local community organisations. We hope to teach everyone that working with your hands is easy and anything is possible!
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5 Responses to Mooooommm! Daddy’s Eating The Dog Food Again!

  1. Laura Schuhmacher says:

    Hahaha SICK!!

  2. Diane outland says:

    Years ago my Dad took the dog’s vitamins which my mother had left on the kitchen counter ! When I asked how he felt, his response was “fine, but he had to go look for a fire plug”

  3. ecky malick says:

    what do they say, dog eat dog?….ha ha hee haw!

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