We Are Survivors

I am back in the hospital, Room 310 (yes I am here once again!) waiting to be released from my latest ordeal associated with breast cancer. From last Saturday, I had developed a terrible infection in my left breast which caused a great deal of inflammation and fluid build up, eventually forcing the doctor to take out the inflatable device for the first part of reconstruction and drain my system on the left side. Although it is a set back, I am relieved to have the swelling down and will be looking forward to when we can start it over again.

I must admit, I have had a very trying year with all of these complications etc… it looks like my ‘crutches’ are starting to splinter! On the brighter side, a friend sent me this video clip posted on Youtube.com of Jesse Jackson in the 1970’s, I would guess, speaking to children about the importance of knowing how different we all are. It got me thinking about the human race and how cancer affects us all – it’s a blind disease. After I heard and saw the video, I was inspired to write my own poem, now as a tribute to all cancer survivors around the world!

Thank you Jesse Jackson for being such an inspiration!

Here is his video clip – please watch it:


His words moved me to write this below.

We Are Survivors by Alexandra Wallace-Currie inspired by Jesse Jackson

We are


We may be poor

We may be rich

But We are


We may be small

Or larger than life

But We are


Our faces are different

Our bodies are different

But our disease is the same

But We are


We come from all walks and shades of life

We speak different languages

But We are


We must be protected, never rejected

We are God’s Children

We are


Amen to that Sisters!

About Alexandra Wallace Currie

A breast cancer survivor since October 2010 with loads to talk about and share! Founder of The Pink Pom-Pom Project - a crafting for cancer therapy initiative helping other victims, friends and family through treatment and diagnosis. Now based in Fairfield, CT, USA, The PPPP hosts monthly Stitch&Bitch events and Open Crafting classes to local community organisations. We hope to teach everyone that working with your hands is easy and anything is possible!
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8 Responses to We Are Survivors

  1. Laura schuhmacher says:

    Alleluiah!!! Love it Neno

  2. Beautiful and poignant! Thinking of you and wiling a quick recovery.

    • Alexandra Wallace Currie says:

      Thank you Karen! Let me know if there is anything I can help with on the ICR front over here. We are big supporters and would love to get more involved!


  3. Kathryn St. Clair says:

    Dear Puja, I hope you know I am thinking of you; my thoughts are with you in this difficult time, and I send you my love and support. I am remembering you at my side at my wedding- exactly seven years ago today- and I thank God you have made it through all the hurdles you’ve dealt with this past year. Carry on! Love you, Kathryn

    • Alexandra Wallace Currie says:

      Thank you Puj! I MISS YOU!!!!!!! Thank you for reading and becoming a fan! I have been great and really got my spring back! Kids are awesome and unaffected (thank goodness) but we are all fine, it’s been a tough year!

      Love you!


    • Tiger says:

      I don’t even know what to say, this made tinhgs so much easier!

  4. Seven says:

    Thank God! Soeomne with brains speaks!

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